Spring 10×10 Challenge Overview

When I think on my motivation for minimizing, decluttering, or keeping a capsule wardrobe, my focus is never on having less for the sake of having less, but rather on having exactly the things which make my life simple, efficient, and enjoyable. For me, minimalism is a balance of efficiency and creativity.

Too many clothes in the closet = too many decisions.

Too few clothes in the closet = stifled creativity and self expression.

That being said, in my minimalist journey I have found experiments to be a useful tool for discovering the limits and boundaries of this sweet spot of living an efficient and creative life. These experiments usually start with a very simple question: What if?

  • What if I only cook with 5 main ingredients for 1 week?
  • What if I don’t buy any clothing for 3 months?
  • What if I turn off all the notifications on my phone for a weekend?
  • What if I wear the same pair of shoes for 1 month?
  • What if I limit myself to getting ready in 20 minutes?

The great thing about these experiments, however silly or challenging they may seem, is that they all have a specific goal that is to be accomplished in a set amount of time. And, being an experiment, it’s ok to fail!

If I succeed in the experiment, I can ask myself, “What did I do that made this experiment a success? Did the things I did differently add value to my life?” If I am unsuccessful in the experiment, I can ask myself, “What barriers did I encounter that made this challenge a struggle? Despite not succeeding, what went well in this experiment? Where there any habit or behavior changes that might add value to my life?”


Enter the 10×10 challenge. Simply put, this experiment asks, “What if I wore only 10 items of clothing for 10 consecutive days?” Inspired by Caroline of Unfancy and Lee of Style Bee, I’ll be joining several other bloggers in the Spring 10×10 challenge.

I’ll be honest, this is my first 10×10, and I am SO EXCITED! Below you can see a picture and a list of the 10 items I’ve chosen. Starting next Monday, I’ll mixing, matching, and remixing these items for 10 days and blogging about each outfit: why I chose that outfit, what worked, and what didn’t. Also, in the vein of full disclosure, I will be out of town for the majority of time the challenge is scheduled, but I’m doing my due diligence up front and wearing and writing in advance, so if my outfits don’t seem to match the actual crazy SOKY (Southern Kentucky) weather, that’s what’s up.


My Spring 10×10 items, left to right:

01 | High waisted skinny jeans
02 | Skinny khaki chinos
03 | Navy circle skirt
04 | Taupe zip cardigan
05 | Pink three-quarter length cardigan
06 | Long sleeve sea foam sweater
07 | Cream boatneck sweater
08 | Striped linen tunic
09 | Floral tank tunic
10 | Moccasin ballet flats (not pictured – but don’t worry, since they’re my only shoe during the duration of this challenge, you will see PLENTY of them!)

There you have it, and thanks for reading! I cannot wait to discover and share where this experiment takes me!

Have you tried any life experiments? What did you learn? What life experiments would you like to try in the future?

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7 thoughts on “Spring 10×10 Challenge Overview

  1. Thanks so much for the add! I have a baby blog and I was a little hesitant to publicize it, but I appreciate your willingness to compile a resource for everyone’s challenges!

    I had a love of old movies and music long before I even knew swing dancing was a thing people still did…so once I found dancing, connecting the dance to the music was just a natural thing for me. And when no one in my local scene would play music I wanted to dance to, I figured the best way to address that was to build up a library of my own…and thus the whole thing snowballed into a DJing hobby.


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