Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 1



Woohoo! Excitement! It’s day 1 of the Spring 10×10 challenge! Here’s all the info on outfit 1.

What I did:
In real time, this was a Thursday, and the agenda for the day was work followed by dinner out with Hubs.

What I wore:
To kick this challenge off, I chose my striped linen tunic and skinny khaki chinos. Plus, because I’m pretty much always cold – especially when I’m sitting at a computer for long periods of time, I paired the linen tunic with my pink cardigan and rolled the sleeves up together.

What worked: 
Not going to lie, I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I was actually wearing these very pants when I tried this top on in the store and was worried that pairing two such soft colors together would look bland and boring. The jury is still out on that, hence the addition of the pink sweater. I think the pink definitely adds some life to the outfit, and the rolled sleeves are a fun and casual finishing touch.

What didn’t work:
My only regret here is my general wrinkliness. This is a new-ish top, so I’m still breaking it in and getting used to how it behaves. I took these photos in my office after I was done with work for the day, and I certainly have the lived-in look.

Let’s just make a decision right now…I’m not going to apologize for less than picture-perfect looks on this blog. Not for me, not for my clothing. I have a day job, and right now it’s way more important than this blog, so I take photos when and where I can. I’m not even an amateur photographer, and neither is my husband, so I take my photos using a chair, a bendy tripod, a bluetooth clicker, and my phone. This means sometimes my clothes will be wrinkly, my makeup won’t be perfect, and I’ll probably have some weirdo poses once in a while. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade my photo skills and equipment, do actual photo shoots with perfectly pressed clothes, but for now, this is the uncut, authentic me, and that’s ok by me. 🙂

Can’t wait to have you back tomorrow for outfit 2!!!

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