Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 3



What I did:
I got to wear this outfit out to a lovely Saturday lunch with the in-laws to celebrate my Mom-in-law’s birthday. After which Hubs and I ran some errands and then met friends for dinner and a couple games of Pandemic.

What I wore:
It wouldn’t be Saturday without blue jeans! Topping it off, I have my cream 3/4-length sweater, plus my taupe zipper cardigan and a gray/blush floral scarf, which I love.

What worked:
This was one of those days where it’s delightfully warm when the sun comes out, but 20 seconds later, as the clouds pass by, you start to feel the chill. Layers were a must for me, and the scarf and cardigan added just enough to feel cozy, and the sweater itself was cool enough that I never overheated. Win!

I also really love the mix of the high-waisted jeans with the length of this sweater. there’s just something comfy and classic about this sweater silhouette; the way the fabric collects at the bottom of the sweater where sweater meets hip.

What didn’t work:
We’re still ramping up this challenge, and maybe I’m staying too much in my comfort zone, but this was another classic go-to outfit in my closet. No regrets with this one, and I’ll probably wear it again before the season is over!

So by now you know what’s up – see what’s in store for outfit 4 on the blog tomorrow!

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