Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 4



What I did:
In real time, this was a Sunday, so Church was first on the agenda. After church, Hubs and I got a nice lunch and rode around town looking at some houses for sale (we hope to be buying one for ourselves soon-ish). I’ll be honest, this outfit was born out of two thoughts: 1) “Wow it’s 43 degrees this morning?” and 2) “I should probably wash that…and that…and that…,” sooo, this is what was left!

What I wore:
Today I have my skinny chinos and seafoam sweater. I also grabbed my pink scarf and green coat that you saw in outfit 2, because hey, if it worked once, why not do it again, but I never really wore either one.

What worked:
Comfort-wise and temperature-wise, this outfit was ok…but it doesn’t really get me excited. So let’s just skip to the next section.

What didn’t work:
The light green of the seafoam with the taupe/birch color of the chinos feels monochromatic to me, and I’m really missing the contrast.

Also, by now you may have picked up on a theme: I’m pretty much always cold. Here’s another theme: weather in the Southeastern US is weird. So even though it was 43 degrees F when I woke up, it felt more like 60 when we left the apartment to go to church, and it hit the mid 70s later that afternoon. Looking back, I wish I had saved this outfit for a cooler day, because I definitely could have gotten away with a lighter top and layers.

Woohoo! Tomorrow marks the halfway point, and I haven’t even touched two of my 10×10 capsule items, so come see those in tomorrow’s post!

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