Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 5



What I did:
In real time this was a gray and rainy Monday, so back to work for me. Hubs was on a work trip, so, full disclosure, after a grocery run for freezer pizza and mac and cheese, I promptly went home, changed into pajamas, and had a quiet introvert night…as I plan to do every day until he’s back. Ahhhhh…

What I wore:
But back to the outfit. Do you ever have days when you’re down, so you wear something extra fancy just to shake up your mood? Well, it’s been a gray and wet winter in SOKY, and the thought of another gray and wet day had me reaching for the florals. Outfit 5 is my floral tunic paired with my pink cardigan and navy circle skirt.

What worked:
Ok, I was a little hesitant to include this floral tunic. After all, I’m pretty much always cold, so tossing a sleeveless top into my 10×10 was bold for me. In the end, I’m so glad I did. This outfit is a big change to the dynamic of the other clothes in my 10×10, and after the super simple jeans and chinos, I love the dash of color and femininity this outfit brings. As for the cold problem, the temps were in the 60s pretty much all day, and the cardigan added just enough warmth to stave off the office chills. Also, panty hose is remarkably warm.

I also can’t post this without commenting on this skirt. I got it years and years ago at H&M, and I honestly did not expect it to last as long as it has. Every time I wear it I can’t help but twirl – which makes it perfect for dancing! Plus it’s a super comfy knit fabric that doesn’t show wrinkles easily. Win, win, win.

What didn’t work:
I’ve been pretty quiet about my cognac moccasin flats so far, mostly because I consider them the workhorse of my wardrobe. I wear them almost nonstop during fall and spring, and even for cooler summer nights. They have tons of cushion and were perfectly broken in within just a couple of wears, and, being easy to slip on and off makes them the perfect travel shoes. That being said, they really don’t work for me with this outfit. Since this is a little bit of a longer skirt, I generally prefer to wear it with a moderate heel. I figured I’d give it a shot with the moccasins though, because why not, but I can definitely confirm I prefer to wear this skirt with heels.

Woohoo! We made it to the halfway mark! I’m definitely starting to feel the challenge…as I write this, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll wear tomorrow, so come back tomorrow to find out if things got super creative, super weird, or neither.

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3 thoughts on “Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 5

    1. Shoot! My dog was trying to get some attention and I hit post too soon!!! The issues of having a cute attention hog pup…

      Was trying to say, love the twirl photo! I wish more bloggers did fun poses. Like… We know you aren’t just walking around your house laughing and the camera goes off and it’s natural… So be editorial and have some fun!


      1. Haha! Thank you! I have to say, it does still feel a little funny to take so many pictures of myself, so thanks for the encouragement!

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