Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 6




What I did:
Another weekday, another work-friendly outfit. Now, if you’re saying to yourself, ‘that doesn’t look like business casual to me…’ I totally get it. I work remotely, not from home, but I rent an office from a local business in town (because there’s no way I’d be able to separate home life and work life if I worked out of our tiny one bedroom apartment – nope, nope, no thank you). So I generally see my work wardrobe as something I’m comfortable in but also feels put-together. Sure, technically I could roll in wearing my favorite flip flops and graphic tees, but setting standards for my “weekday look” helps me feel professional, even if some of those standards are “jeans with minimal wear and no holes” or “not workout clothes.” It’s a habit I hope to continue when Hubs and I move to a larger space where I can have an office at home, so I don’t blur the lines between work and home too much.

Whew, that was a long intro…let’s get to the outfit!

What I wore:
Today it’s my striped linen tunic, skinny jeans, and taupe zipper cardigan, plus those trusty cognac ballet moccasins.

What worked:
I’ve long adored the denim/blue, cream, and cognac color palette, and this sister palette of denim/blue, taupe, and cognac has that same timeless feel that I love. This taupe is especially good for my skin tone and has traditionally been hard for me to find…it’s not really a brown, not really a gray, but a little of both; sort of a cool-toned light mushroomy brown that really balances my ash blonde hair and cool, light skin tone.

Also, I’m a really big fan of the soft, flowy look of this zip cardigan on top of the structure of the skinny jeans and ballet flats.

What didn’t work:
Maybe I’m still playing it too safe, because I really love this outfit! The more I wear and wash this linen top, the more I feel the material break in and loosen up, so those wrinkle problems I had with outfit 1 of this challenge are less of a concern now. This one is going to be a wardrobe staple for sure.

Just checking in, we only have 4 more days of the Spring 10×10 – how is your challenge going??

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