Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 8




What I did:
In real time this was another greatly unexceptional weekday where I spent the majority of the day behind my computer writing reports and conducting research interviews via phone. Once I was home, it was straight into pajamas and I got to work adding some new swing music to my library and did some prep work in anticipation of a big dance event that I will have just returned home from once this post is published.

Like swing and jazz music? Check out the debut album of the Candy Jacket Jazz Band – all original, totally new swing tunes. ❤

What I wore:
After the lovely warmth of the previous day, we had a pretty intense cold snap, and suddenly I found myself scrambling…do I have enough warm clothes in my 10×10 to make it through this challenge? Obviously I’m grabbing a sweater, but I’ve already worn my warmest sweater in the challenge, my long-sleeve seafoam sweater with both pairs of pants, so cream it is. Having already worn the cream sweater with my jeans, I picked up my khaki chinos and a top layer. Not wanting to look like a weird all-taupe humanoid creature, I chose my pink cardigan.

What worked:
I was actually dreading the combination of this sweater and these chinos. The waistband of these chinos falls right at my hip bones, a little lower than my favorite high-waist style of pant, and this sweater likes to sit at the top of my hip. Amazingly, though, it worked! I didn’t notice any significant ride up of the sweater during the day, and the pink cardi was there to cover up any gaps between pant waistband and sweater waistband that might have shown otherwise.

I also LOVE the simple elegance of this sweater by itself on top of these chinos. It’s neutral, it’s natural, and when I have my hair up, that boatneck and textured sleeves do all the work for me. I just feel so classy in this outfit!

What didn’t work:
Ok, so you’ve probably noticed that I’m not wearing my ballet moccasins. Guilty. As I mentioned, it was COLD. And rainy. And just generally miserable weather that day. I might have been able to get away with my moccasins and old lady nude socks, but it just wasn’t worth it. So I pulled on my trusty wool socks and these awesome taupe booties and just let it be.

How about you? Have you needed to adapt your 10×10 wardrobe? How did you deal with the need to adapt?

We’re so close! 8 down and just two more to go! Come back tomorrow for outfit 9!

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2 thoughts on “Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 8

  1. I love that top! You’re so right, it looks very classy. : ) That is actually the piece I had my eye on in your capsule wardrobe post.
    Question: are you going to link clothing like on Unfancy? I know you’re more focused on style and less on fashion (which I love!), and vintage pieces probably have no hope of getting linked… : (
    So, I started the 10×10 challenge…but abruptly ended halfway through because one, I had an unexpected trip to the country (only picked city clothes) and two, I finally put an outfit together for an upcoming event and wanted to try it out!
    Looking forward to your next post.


    1. Thanks Miss Field – I’m glad you’re liking the blog so far! I’m currently debating on whether or not I’m going to link to individual items since most of what I own is at least 2+ years old or bought at a discount/thrift/consignment store. I can promise that I will link to any new items I acquire in regular retail channels, but I’m a bit daunted by the idea of finding items similar to mine that are currently available to buy.


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