Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 9




What I did:
In real time, this was a Friday – the final Friday before a major vacation. Don’t you love that feeling when you set your out of office reply, leave the office, and are all set to head out on an adventure? Wheeeeeee! Let’s go! Except I don’t leave until Sunday…so I’ll just keep on enjoying all the anticipation.

What I wore:
Ok, so remember in my outfit 8 post yesterday that I mentioned our intense cold front moving through? Well it hasn’t moved out yet, and again, I was at a total loss for what else I could wear to combat these cooler temps. I knew I wanted to get at least one more wear out of my striped linen tunic (I had originally planned to wear it with my navy circle skirt, but those plans were foiled by weather), and in a burst of creative inspiration I used it as a base layer under my cream sweater and paired that combo with my skinny jeans.

What worked:
This turned out so much better than I expected. Given the wider tunic silhouette of the linen top, I was worried it would be lumpy and bumpy under the sweater. I combatted this by cinching the sides of the top underneath the sweater…basically, once the sweater was on over my linen top, I smoothed out the front and back of the linen top by reaching under the sweater and pulling the bulk of the fabric to my sides. It took a minute or two of adjusting, but I was really pleased with the result and how well it did throughout the day.

Also, the pairing of a long sleeve underneath a 3/4 sleeve just begs for a sleeve roll, and I love the casual finishing touch that the loose cuff adds to the sleeves on this outfit. Something about this linen piece justΒ begs for a sleeve roll.

What didn’t work:
This is a little preppier than my typical style, but I think that’s ok. The 10×10Β challenge is all about stretching us to do more with less and get outside our comfort zones, and in the end, this outfit is the perfect example of how that worked for me. I also like the vibe it brings to my wardrobe. Sort of a bridge between casual and sophisticated. Parsimonious, if you will. πŸ™‚

We’re almost there – one day more! How are you holding up? Come on, we can do this! See you all tomorrow for my final outfit!

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