Spring ’17 10×10: Outfit 10




What I did:
This outfit was slated for a Saturday, the day before I left for my big vacation. Full disclosure: I didn’t wear it. Obviously, I wore it long enough to snap some pics, but I needed to launder this skirt so it could come with me to my dance event, and I needed to give myself a day of rest and preparation for my trip, which basically means a t-shirt, leggings, and no-makeup day spent cleaning and doing the last minute packing. That being said, I would wear this in a heartbeat, especially if I need to look a bit nicer for work (meeting with clients or visiting my office in Alabama). It’s just not really my usual Saturday kind of look.

What I wore:
Just a simple outfit of my cream sweater, navy circle skirt, and cognac ballet moccasins.

What worked:
I love this outfit. It’s sophisticated, but approachable. Since both items are knit, it’s immeasurably comfortable. It feels like ME.

I also love the silhouette created by the relaxed fit of the sweater, the flow of skirt, and the fitted waist tying it all together. Put my hair up in a fancy ‘do, add contacts and pearl studs, and it’s an effortless win for an exceptionally nice occasion or fancy dinner out.

What didn’t work:
Ok, because I was going to wear this on a Saturday, I actually tried to make this more casual. I tied my hair back in a low ponytail and put on some fun, totally not serious paper airplane earrings. In the end, both of these look out of place with this outfit to me. It’s just too classy for its own good.


Alright friends, that’s a wrap. WE DID IT!! Woot! 10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days. Ok, and that one time I wore my booties. But still, I’m so happy with all the great stuff I learned from this challenge! Stay tuned for a wrap-up post coming soon…and then it’s back to my usual weekly Tuesday posts. In the meantime, here’s a silly celebratory photo. πŸ˜‰



Thanks so much for joining me on the Spring 10×10 challenge! See you next Tuesday for the wrap up post!

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