My Transition Season Uniform + Some Thoughts on Proportions


Hey friends! Today we have what I call a casual office look (I work remotely, so I don’t have a required dress code for work, but I rent an office in a law firm, so I try to not look like a hobo). The weather here in SOKY keeps bouncing around from warm to cool, so this is another highly transitional spring outfit, and it just happens to be one of my uniforms for transitional seasons:

Pants + 3/4 length top + scarf

I haven’t said much about uniforms yet, but they are absolutely crucial to making my capsule wardrobe work. I tend to think of a uniform as a set recipe or formula that is replicable with several items in my closet. In the case of this uniform, the focus here is on layering for those days where it’s warm in the afternoon but cool in the mornings and evenings. I typically start the day in full rig: pants, camisole, lightweight 3/4-length knit top, scarf, and jacket. On these days my office is usually warm enough that I can remove the jacket, but cool enough that that I prefer to have the scarf to keep the chill off my neck. However, if I need to run an errand or go out for food during my lunch break after the sun has spent a few hours warming things up, I simply remove the scarf and I’m good to go.

Because I have several pairs of pants and several lightweight 3/4-length knit tops that all fit the same color scheme, this is formula makes dressing for those warm-but-not-that-warm-yet days a breeze.


As I was going about my day, I caught myself thinking, “I really love the length of this top.” So in true Anna fashion, I had to explore why. I decided to take pictures to show the way this top naturally falls at its full length, and then I folded the hem under to see what it looks like at a different length.

In the first photo, the bottom hem of the top falls almost exactly at the widest part of my hip. In the second photo, I let the bottom of the top fall to about the top of my hip bone.

What struck me about the two photos was that in the photo of the top at a longer length, even though the break between top and bottom falls at the widest part of my hip, I feel like the outfit really elongates my torso and takes the focus off the width of my hips. The shorter length, because it falls just above the full curve of my hip, it actually accentuates the fullness in my hip and thigh…which is really not what I was going for.

So I’m really curious, what are your thoughts on my proportion experiment? Do you have any proportions that really work well for your body type or preferred aesthetic? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “My Transition Season Uniform + Some Thoughts on Proportions

  1. Hmm… I tend to think the picture on the right looks better, when you folded the hem. But I don’t know they both look about the same.

    I love high-waisted skirts, especially when they are fitted at the hips because I think overall it make me look skinnier. It’s also really cute to have a short top with a high-waisted bottom.


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