Update: The Great Jean Reconnaissance Mission…is on hold

Remember how, in my first post about my beloved high-waisted skinny jeans, I said both pairs that I own were showing significant wear? During my recent dance vacation one of my two pairs of skinny jeans finally bit the dust. The other pair is not long from this fate – every time I wear them, I’m fighting the urge to walk bowlegged so my thighs don’t rub a hole in the fabric.


I had planned to take some time during the month of May to do a jean reconnaissance mission – to spend a day in either Nashville or Louisville trying on jeans to find a – hopefully more responsibly made – alternative to my beloved Levi’s 721s. What I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is that Hubs and I are also saving for a house, while also working through all of the financial adjustments that come with being a newly married couple. So it turns out that this month I ended up having to choose between buying a new pair of jeans and pre-registering for one of my favorite annual dance events. Obviously, the jeans are on hold, and I opted to get a sweet discount on the early bird pricing for the dance event instead.

I’m still considering making the trip to try on all the jeans, but if I’m not able to buy right away, I really don’t want to expose myself to the temptation of a whole day of shopping. So for now, I’m postponing the trip and focusing on saving my pennies for a house.

That being said, it was painfully apparent that I needed to replace my jeans.

So, a couple of weeks ago I stopped by a local thrift store and – for less than $15 – picked up two pairs of high-waisted jeans, one in a straight-leg style and one with more of a boot cut or flared style. Since I’m not really feeling the straight-leg or flared vibes right now, and I’ve been itching for a project, I decided to attempt to tailor them into skinny jeans.

I’m happy to say the tailoring was a smashing success, and was, overall, really easy. Plus I practiced good money management, I reused something already in existence, and I received the personal satisfaction of exercising my own creativity and sewing skills. So yeah, I’m pretty happy  with how these turned out. Below is a quick picture I snapped during the process.

Have you ever self-tailored or reworked something? How did it work out?

Stay tuned to see my “new” items in future outfit posts!

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3 thoughts on “Update: The Great Jean Reconnaissance Mission…is on hold

  1. I have been sewing for years. Especially recently, I like to rework dresses that I simply love but are too short- there are lots of clever ways to make them longer. It is definitely a way to save money and get just what you’re looking for at the same time! An excellent plan!! It does take a lot of time, so it’s really good if you can enjoy sewing as well.

    Looking forward to more outfits!!


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