Style Systems: the Jeans + Tee Uniform

So here’s a not-so-secret for you…in my most ideal minimalist life, I would wear jeans and a simple t-shirt every single day of my life. That also means that in my ideal minimalist life it’s 70 degrees all year round…

But seriously, there’s a reason we all love the jeans + tee uniform so much. It’s simultaneously elegant in its simplicity and practical for daily life. Comfy enough for lounging shoe-less around the house, but easy to play up with fancy hair and thoughtful accessories.

I’ve been working remotely for 6 months now, and this uniform that used to be reserved for casual Fridays and weekends has definitely started taking over all the other weekdays as well.

Here are some hallmarks of my particular jeans + tee look:

  • Flat jean washes with minimal distressing – call me old-fashioned, but I like to keep the jean extras to a minimum – no distressing or rhinestones or fancy stitching on the pockets, please. As an overall rule in my wardrobe, I tend to prefer to keep the pants and skirts simple, solid, and neutral, giving me the option to draw the eye upward with more color or pattern up top.
  • Moderate color contrast – my favorite jeans + tee outfits usually involve a moderate color contrast. When wearing a darker denim below, I generally opt for a medium hue above. Very rarely do I choose to pair dark denim with a light top or vice versa – on me, I feel like too much contrast chops the outfit up, but a moderate contrast keeps the continuity of the outfit while offering some visual interest (and also means I don’t go around looking like the denim monster).
  • Skinny jeans – although it took me FOREVER to get on the skinny jean trend train, now they are my favorite style. So much my favorite that I recently thrifted some perfectly fine flared and straight leg jeans specifically for the purpose of making them into skinny jeans. Now, when I go back to wearing straight-leg or boot-cut styles, I’m frustrated by the fact that these styles typically hug my thighs down to my knee, then suddenly relax just above the knee and stay loose until they reach the floor. I’m not saying I’ll never go back, but right now I prefer my pants either fitted all over or loose all over.

As promised, below you can see the results of my thrift store flared jean remake, as well as two of my most recent examples of the jeans + tee uniform. I’m so pleased with these pants. Finding this pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans for less than $10 was already a major win, and then being able to self-tailor them into skinnies was a hugely gratifying experience!


What do you love most about the jeans + tee uniform? How do you make it look and feel authentic to you?

I hope you’re all having a great week – see you back here next Tuesday!

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