On Home Decor, Inspiration, and Confidence

Hello again friends!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the home environments we create and live in, probably because I’ve been binge listening to Young House Love Has A Podcast. It’s so fun – makes me smile and gets my home decorator gears whirring every time I listen!

With home decor on the brain, a few days ago I decided to revisit my Simply Elegant Living board on Pinterest, and just for fun, I scrolled all the way down, to some of the very first pins I ever pinned 6-ish years ago. You know…way back in the dark ages, when Pinterest was invitation only. But seriously, I have been through several key life changes in that time, and, thinking back to my pre-Pinterest multicolored neon bedspread from my freshman year dorm room still makes me cringe. I thought it would be fun to see how my tastes have changed.

The big scoop? Apparently I had this home decor thing figured out, at least in my head. Even though I was still living the single college student life 6 years ago, there was a specific light and natural aesthetic that I loved. Take a look at the collection of images below that were some of the first home decor pins I ever pinned in 2011:

Pinterest Old

Swoon. I love all of the window light, neutral colors, natural materials, and bright, light, open spaces.

Since then I’ve rented a house and two apartments, moved to new states twice, and gotten married. So what are my decor tastes now?

Pinterest New

More of the same: light, simple, comfortable but functional spaces that invite you to live, and to live well. Plus a lot more freedom with fun things like string lights and pillows. I’ll take all the string lights, please.

As fun and silly as this exercise was, it actually showed me that my decor instincts developed sooner than my fashion instincts. I also looked back at the sister board to Simply Elegant Living, Simply Elegant Dressing, and – full disclosure – I actually deleted several pins that no longer rang true for my style. Six years ago, the best way one could describe my fashion instincts would probably be “unfocused.” All the ruffles and bright colors. Now I’m more drawn to simple staples in the neutrals and cool muted tones in my soft summer color palette.

If I had thought to draw my wardrobe inspiration from the things I dreamed of surrounding myself with, I wonder if maybe I would have made as many clothing mistakes before finding my style?

So now I’m going to move forward with these lessons learned:

  • If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, or lack direction in one aspect of life, lean in to an area where you’re happy and confident, and see if you’ve already figured out some wisdom for yourself.
  • Document yourself – looking back can teach you a lot about the person you were and the person you are, and seeing maturity or consistency can be a big confidence boost!

So now I’m curious – what are some areas where you feel consistent and confident? What are some areas where you’ve seen yourself grow and change?

As always, I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

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