Summer 10×10 Recap


Summer has been exceptionally busy for Hubs and I, between packing, moving, and unpacking, with several trips out of town here and there. I wasn’t able to blog my way through the Summer 10×10 Challenge, but there was no way I was going to pass up participating in it.

What’s a 10×10 challenge? Pick 10 articles of clothing and wear them – and only them – for 10 days. I love the structure of this challenge for many reasons, but mostly because it forces you to either get comfortable wearing the same thing over and over again, or it forces you to get creative and come up with new ways to style things.ย (Can we just pause and acknowledge that, seriously, no one is keeping track of what you’re wearing, and if someone wants to judge you for wearing the same top two times in the same week, that’s their own problem to deal with. Thanks. Rant over.)


So without further exposition, here are my 10 items from the Summer 10×10 Challenge:


That’s 1 stone-colored vest, 1 pair light gray skinny jeans, 1 pair classic denim skinny jeans, 1 pair navy high-waisted shorts, 1 striped short sleeve button down, 1 sleeveless floral blouse, 2 muscle tank tops, 1 ruffly off-white sleeveless shell, and 1 pair of cognac ballet flats.

Since the summer 10×10 challenge was happening the week before we closed on our house, I mostly played it safe, choosing 8 items I love and will wear until they have holes and tears in them and only including 2 items I wasn’t as confident about. The point here was to challenge myselfย to get a little outside my comfort zone but to do it in the absolute least stressful way possible.

My goals for the items I picked for the summer 10×10 included:
A | enjoying the soft summer color palette I’ve been cultivating
B | make life easier with uniforms
C | get out of my comfort zone and wear shorts
D | figure out what to do with that vest in my closet

Did I succeed? Mostly. Check out the 10 outfits I came up with!


Enjoy the soft summer color palette? Check! There’s a lot of stuff I’m loving about these looks, but seeing them all together like that makes me fall in love with my color palette of soft blue, seafoam, blush, and gray all over again. I love that these colors stay fairly neutral, don’t overpower my natural complexion, and still manage to add a touch of soft personality. Swoon.

Utilizing uniforms to make life easier? Check! Take a closer look and you’ll find the formula that makes up my go-to summer uniform: jeans + muscle tee + ballet flats. It’s easy and effortless. On its own, it’s perfect for running errands or hanging with friends. Add a nice cardigan and some jewelry, and you’re set for weeknight date night.

Want to take it to the next level? Upgrade that muscle tee to a sleeveless blouse. Same formula, just a more professional, casual-office-appropriate take on the overall look.

Confession time, y’all. I do not love shorts. I’ve reached an age and stage of life where I am rarely self-conscious to the point of worry, but I still can’t shake the vulnerability I feel when wearing shorts. Unfortunately, summers in the South get hot, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid shorts altogether. Every summer, I have to re-learn a love for my generous thighs, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with it. However, looking at these photos of myself in shorts, I’m really loving the way the high waist of these shorts elongates my legs.

I don’t wear vests. Vests remind me of the 80s and 90s, and I’ve never been too excited about reliving the fashions of those decades. However, a couple of months ago I was browsing the racks of my local TJ Maxx when I happened upon a vest and immediately thought, “If I were to wear a vest, THIS is the vest I would wear.” So I made an impulse purchase and then proceeded to not wear the vest. I wanted to include it in my Summer 10×10 just to see what I could come up with.

Overall, I’m pleased by my styling of my vest, but I’ve discovered that I can’t yet find a purpose for it. In summer, I’m often toting a cardigan around to deal with the overzealous air conditioning we have down South. The vest adds a layer of warmth around my torso but does nothing to shield my arms from the icy blasts. I’ve put the vest away for the time being, but I’m determined to try again in the fall – maybe trying it over some 3/4-length sleeves? We shall see.


So there you have it, the full recap of myย mostly successful Summer 10×10 challenge.

I’m off traveling for work the rest of this week so there won’t be a new post next Tuesday. In the meantime, if you liked this post, check out the Spring 10×10 challenge from earlier this year.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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